Internal news!

«Can create new industrial adventure in Southern Norway»
«Newly established Global Ocean Technology has increased the manning from one to 280 employees in two years, have 8 fishing vessels in order and has managed to land the first rig. CEO Tor Henning Ramfjord believes in a new industrial development in southern Norway»

Articles like the ones above have been in the news lately and has given GOT a lot of attention and positive remarks. We have had extensive focus on branding GOT in the market and the region, as well as among employees. For us to build a new and strong GOT culture, it is important that we have a sense of belonging to GOT and that we are proud of our company and workplace. 

Our ambition and goals are to grow, necessarily not to become huge, but to create a demand in the market, secure more work places and build a new robust industry that can handle market fluctuations. We have found a good sustainable platform. Although there is still some turbulence in the oil & gas industry, our combination of fishery and aquaculture, oil & gas, inspection and maritime service, and for sure technology, will ensure that we are robust and can handle unstable markets.

Our owners have a longterm perspective, and have secured substantial capital to GOT as well as to Moldskjeran Eiendom AS (Gismerøya). We have had some tough months since the establishing of GOT in December 2017, and as you all probably noticed last year ended with a solid minus, but now we are seeing improvements. The zero line is passed, the development positive and the arrows pointing upwards – however a lot of hard work still remain!

– The crossing line. From being at the bottom, we have now passed the zero line

GOT has three main business areas:
-GOT Marine
-GOT Rig
-GOT Product and technology 
We experience a good market i all three segments. As of now we have 8 fishing vessels in backlog and B107 was recently handed over to the customer. The vessel sailed for North Cape going directly into fishing. We are delivering two more vessels in 2019, and will start building of B109, a new large vessel, before new year.

GOT Product is at full speed with developing a new GOT control system, that will be installed on B109 and the vessel is to be ready for delivery in June 2020. A new development with a steering gear is now complete, andmanufactured in GOT Equipment in Vennesla ready for installation on B106 that is soon ready for sea launch in Mandal at the beginning of November.

We have established a new company; GOT Cview, that will be our new technology hub towards the market. The strategy is that our products shall be marketed to external customers, and not just for our own internal productions. More products will be developed in the time to come.

As well-known the Rig Harbor was completed in late May, and the first rig “Rowan Viking” arrived the day after the harbor was ready. Large investments have been made to this concept, the first rig was landed, GOT delivered and the rig stay ended with a substantial work scope for GOT Rig. The customer Valaris, the largest rig operator in the world, is very pleased and GOT has now signed a global frame agreement for work on their rigs.

We are in negotiations for several new possibilities, and we anticipate that the next rig will come in rather short time. This will generate more jobs internally in GOT as well as regionally. GOT Service will be take substantial part in such rig project, both in Mandal and other places in Norway and abroad. The work load and backlog in GOT Service is good and we have signals from our large customers that the volume will be stable and increasing, until end of 2021.


We are also pleased to inform that GOT has become an A1 approved company on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, for controlling and certification of lifting equipment offshore, rescue equipment, and control and certification of vessels up to 15 meters. In addition to approvals that we already have, this will give substantial possibilities for GOT Inspection in the future. GOT Inspection will be of great importance to GOT Rig and Maritime Service.

With 250 employees and about 30 temporary workers, we are now a substantial company in Mandal and the whole region.      

GOT is an industrial enterprise that will be robust and able to handle future market fluctuations – and our most important asset are all our employees. It would not be possible to further develop GOT to a company we can be proud of without you all. Everyone is important to this development, and I want you all to contribute to a sound and safe GOT culture – then we will have a great journey together.

Remember to take care of each other – and we would like to thank you all for your great efforts!

We would like to thank you all for your great efforts!

Tor Henning Ramfjord