New rig to GOT Rig Harbour Mandal

GOT Rig Harbour Mandal will soon have in place another rig for service and maintenance. Not many days after the Valaris rig «Rowan Viking» left Mandal, a new rig is on its way. This time it is Maersk Interceptor CJ170-X150-MD which is heading for Mandal.

The location and the seabed conditions in the approach makes the coast line of Sørlandet attractive for rigs in the south eastern part of the North Sea. The competence of GOT, broad experience and ability to assemble good teams provide a good basis for the rig owners to decide location for yard stay.

Huge investments have been made to the plant to attract rigs to Mandal. GOT’s strategy is, and has been, to build a company with broad competence, accross the business areas Energy, Technology and Marine. When signing an agreementfor another rig, this is a confirmation of the synergies achieved by investments and competence in GOT group of companies. Now the efforts and the quality of the delivery is in focus. This will lead to more business and secure jobs in the future.

Tor Henning Ramfjord
CEO/ Partner