Dear Employees!

2019 has been an eventful year for GOT and it is time to reflect on all the achievements this year. Together we have established a substantial industrial company in Mandal and the southern region. We have reached several milestones for the business segments Marine, Energy (rig) and Technology. Currently we are 250 permanent employees and about 30 hired employees, totally 280 in the company.

Large investments have been made on Gismerøya, enabling us to manage rig intake; established infrastructure for larger rig projects, moving of the warehouse, established approved ISPS harbor for rig intake etc. Now we are ready for taking on most projects.

We have entered into several longterm agreements; MSSC (Master Supply Service Contract) with Valaris (the world’s largest rig operator), contracts with the substantial customer Maersk, as well as DESS Aquaculture Shipping, Green Sealice Solution, MHWirth, NOV, Nymo and more. We have signed several contracts for delivery of fishing vessels by GOT Skogsøy which will be equipped with more and more GOT developed technology. 

During 2019 we have delivered several advanced fishing vessels to highly satisfied customers up North. We have had our first rig ‘Rowan Viking’ that was a huge success and generated substantial work scope for several of our GOT companies. 4 weeks after the first rig left Gismerøya, ‘Maersk Interceptor‘ arrived. We expect major work on this rig the coming months. 

GOT Inspection has through the year gained several valuable certifications on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate; control and certification of vessels up to 15 meters, A1 approved company for cranes, lifting equipment and rescue equipment. In addition to the certifications we already have, this will be an important contribution in 2020 and the future.

We have established GOT Maritime Service and have carried out several work scopes for DESS Aquaculture Shipping, Green Sealice Solution, the vessel ‘Sørlandet’ and others. In addition to Rig service, Maritime Service will be an important unit within GOT Energy, which is the new segment name.

GOT Assure has had a busy year, with many interesting projects towards oil companies and rig operators. Along with GOT Inspection, we will be able to take on complete scopes within rig and maritime service. Also GOT Services has grown and is now 160 employees plus some hired employees.

GOT Skogsøy has proved that we can deliver the most advanced fishing vessels from GOT; this is acknowledged with great respect.

To strengthen the focus on technology and control systems we have founded GOT Cview, where all electricians, hydraulics- and software engineers are incorporated.

We are implementing a new common business system (Business Central) in the company, that will entail better efficiency, control and steering. Most employees have started to use the time registration system and we do already see an effect from this. The complete system will be in effect during January. The system will cover the total value chain for finance, accounting, project control, purchasing and warehouse. In addition, all service orders can be registered into the system.

The management has spent time and resources on branding and visualization of GOT, in our region as well as nationally and internationally. This has given positive results; GOT has become more visible and an attractive company to work in.

I have great focus on cooperation and culture in the company, and to achieve this it is important for all of us to contribute. We must be proud of our company, the products and services we deliver. If we can obtain a good work atmosphere – being proud and motivated – positive results will come. The management team will make the best efforts to ensure this together with all of you. 

I am very proud of what we so far have achieved, and would like to thank each and one of you for great efforts in 2019! We look forward to an exciting year for GOT in 2020 with new challenges and prospects. 

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best regards
Tor Henning Ramfjord

Internal news – not to be distributed externally.