GOT Group is an Offshore/Marine technology group in southern part of Norway.

From the small beginning less than a year ago, Global Ocean Technology Group has grown; the number of employees is now above 200. This growth originates from acquisitions of established companies and new co-workers. We experience that we are an attractive employer for good brains who are dedicated to what they do – our employees are valued for their efforts to the company. We provide all design, engineering and documentation required to build ships, floating structures and platforms according to customer needs.

At GOT Rig Harbour Mandal we have modern workshop facilities, large storage areas, excellent logistics and short sailing distances from several Norwegian oil fields. The GOT strategy is to develop a company based on technology and competency within the Energy- and Marine- sector, focusing on entrepreneurship and culture by utilizing the existing expertise in the region.

Working in GOT Group?
This is your opportunity to be part of further growth and success for the company in the market for ocean based technology. We are looking to fill roles across borders – from operational and technical to administrative. Please contact us via

Visit GOT at MOD 2020

The Rig Cluster South will create opportunities for rig owners on the South coast of Norway. We are able to...

To our valued customers and suppliers

2019 has been an eventful year for GOT We have established a substantial industrial company in the south region with...

NOV besøker GOT

Det er samlet mye rigg kompetanse i GOT Mandal Rigg havn i dag. Tor Henning Ramfjord (CEO/Partner) har holdt en...

Stor interesse på Nor-Shipping 2019

Godt besøk på vår stand A1-10 i Hall A! Det er skikkelig trøkk her på messa i dag også melder...

Godt besøk på Nor-Shipping

Global Ocean Technology på plass i Oslo. Nor-Shipping byr på spennende dager og vår stand i A1-10 Hall A er...

Visit GOT at hall A, A1-10

Nor-Shipping is a globally leading exhibition and event programme based in Norway. This is where the maritime and ocean industries...

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