Rammeavtale service og vedlikehold


DESS Aqua inngikk rammeavtale med GOT i september 2019. I dag benytter selskapet seg av tjenesten med en fast roterende elektriker innleid fra GOT. “I GOT er vi svært fornøyd med avtalen og at våre folk er hos DESS Aqua”, sier Thomas Granfeldt Jr., Senior Vice President Business Relations i GOT.

GOT lever også alt av tjenester innen elektro, hydraulikk, plate og sveis som er nødvendig for å vedlikeholde en flåte som er i operasjon det meste av året. Med bred ekspertise tilbyr GOT maritim service globalt og lokalt.


DESS Aqua entered into a framework agreement with GOT in September 2019. Today, the company utilizes the service with a fixed rotating electrician hired from GOT. “At GOT, we are very pleased with the deal and that our people are at DESS Aqua,” says Thomas Granfeldt Jr., senior vice president of business relations at GOT.

GOT also provides all the services in electrical, hydraulic, plate and welding needed to maintain a fleet that is in operation most of the year. With broad expertise, GOT offers maritime service globally and locally.


We are DESS Aqua. Determined to be a leading provider of vessel operations and a preferred partner for the aquaculture industry.


Unique Norwegian oceanic competence. GOT Group is an Offshore/Marine technology group in southern part of Norway. The GOT strategy is to develop a company based on technology and competency within the Energy- and Marine sector, focusing on entrepreneurship and culture by utilizing the existing expertise in the region. We provide all design, engineering and documentation required to build ships, floating structures and platforms according to customer needs. At GOT Rig Harbour Mandal we have modern workshop facilities, large storage areas, excellent logistics and short sailing distances from several Norwegian oil fields. GOT also enables clean and profitable energy solutions, providing complete, world-class hydrogen, LNG and battery technologies. GOT invests in ongoing and already developed technology and competency.


Karsten Lien
Department Manager, Service
+47 473 81 601


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