Assuring our customers are ready for operation

At GOT Rigservice our role continues around reactivation, modification and verification activities for MODU and Platforms with focus on drilling related equipment and systems. GOT’s first priority is to execute the work in a safe and professional manner, but with a desire to find the cost effective solutions and managing risk.


Rig intake & verification

Assures your rig is safe and fit for purpose.

For rig owners we prepare the rig for Operator specifications and regulation. For Operator we do the verification as part of Intake. GOT is ready to be your local Suppliers of Technical Management


Manpower, skilled workers and Engineers


Inspection & Surveys

Gives you Impartial and independent evaluation of your rig equipment and systems

The Challenge of Rig Owners, Operators and Finance Institutions depends on the rigs status. Rig Owners are in need of verification and intern audits of maintenance regimes. Operators want to choose a rig suitable for operations. The Finance Institutions need to Evaluate asset values. GOT is ready to be  your local Supplier of Technical Management.

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Manpower, skilled workers and Engineers


Drilling equipment activation

Activates your rig equipment and systems to meet the challenges ahead

When Rig Owner or Rig Contractor want to reactivate drilling equipment, the challenges are integrated/holistic know how of equipment/system performance. When You stand up to modification requirement the challenges are secure qualified and efficient package owner. For both challenges the solutions are assign packages to GOT for efficient project management and flawless execution. GOT is ready to be  your local Supplier of Technical Management.

Manpower, skilled workers and Engineers


Integrated project team

Enhances your project execution by adding the technical and required process know how

For New Build Yards one of the tasks is to Install Drilling Equipment package. The challenges are detailed design and operational knowledge to efficiently follow up vendor. Our solution is to Integrate GOT know how to project team to follow up Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) installation project. GOT is ready to be  your local Supplier of Technical Management.


Manpower, skilled workers and Engineers

Qualified personnel for Mechanical disciplines, Electrical disciplines and Engineering.

Within our field of services we contribute to the Oil & Gas, Marine and Process Industries. Our main activity is to supply manpower, skilled workers and Engineers, who can participate on Projects with total responsibility for fabrication, installation and commissioning.

GOT is ready to be  your local Supplier of Technical Management.

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Companies added in the last acquisition:

Båtservice Contracting

Båtservice Contracting AS (BC) is a Company in the Båtservice Group which was founded in 1948. Båtservice Contracting AS celebrated 25 years anniversary in 2012. And with over 25 years we have developed to be a leading operator of manpower supply in today`s marked.

Båtservice Group has a new modern workshop at Gismerøya, with a deep-water harbor dicectly outside. BC and ITC also have offices in Egersund and Stord.

Our yard in Stord is approved as an Enterprise of Competence and specializes in Weighing, Force Measurement and Instrumentation. Our workshop has a Calibration Lab for certification of Load Pins and Dynamometers, electro and machine workshop.


Båtservice ITC

The company has been operating under the name Elektro Felt since the 70`s. Elektro Felt became a Båtservice Company in 2009, and changed the name to Båtservice ITC the same year.

The main activity in the past years has been to provide Electricians, Service Technicians and Supervisors for the Offshore Industry. This business is now co-ordinated through Båtservice Contracting AS, as these are the current areas which BC cover for Offshore, Process and Shipbuilding Industries.

Båtservice ITC is now associated with specialists within the area of Force Measurement, Weighing and Instrumentation.


We are looking for investment opportunities.


We are focusing on entrepreneurship and culture by utilizing the existing expertise in the region.