GOT Mandal Rig Harbour

Close to the southern part of the North Sea.
Modern workshop facilities, large storage areas, excellent logistics and short sailing distances from several Norwegian oil fields. Facitilities to host multiple drilling rigs at the same time. Possibility of climate friendly shore power. Distance from open sea to quayside: 1.1 nautical mile. Minimum width of entrance passage: 170 m. Minimal tide variations and negligible swell and waves.
Øyvind Hægeland
+47 951 18 211

GOT Rig Harbour Mandal

Modern workshop facilities, large storage areas, excellent logistics and short sailing distances from several Norwegian oil fields

Total areal: 48000 m2
Production Facilities: 5650m2
Depth by quay: 10,5 m,
Depth Increase: 1,4 m/m.
Length by quay: 190m

Min depth in rig berthing area: 20m
Min. seaward approach:
16,1m depth/170m breath
20m depth/120m breath

Production shop #1 LxW:80x35m
Hook height:15m
Lifting Capacity:2x50ton
Production shop #2 LxW:50x24m
Hook height:6,3m
Lifting Capacity:4x3ton
Workshop #3 LxB:15x40m

1 – GOT Office and workshops
2 – Surface treatment workshop
3 – Welding workshop
4 – Mandal deepwater harbour
5 – Umoe Mandal

Multidiscipline engineering organization, with experienced workshop personnel on site Load-up/load-off opportunities for heavy duty barges on site Area offers modern workshop facilities, large storage areas and excellent logistics

Rig intake & verification

Assures your rig is safe and fit for purpose.
For rig owners we prepare the rig for Operator specifications and regulation. For Operator we do the verification as part of Intake. GOT is ready to be your local Suppliers of Technical Management

Inspection & Surveys

Gives you Impartial and independent evaluation of your rig equipment and systems

The Challenge of Rig Owners, Operators and Finance Institutions depends on the rigs status. Rig Owners are in need of verification and intern audits of maintenance regimes. Operators want to choose a rig suitable for operations. The Finance Institutions need to Evaluate asset values. GOT is ready to be  your local Supplier of Technical Management.

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Inspection & Surveys

Impartial and independent evaluation of your equipment and systems.


GOT Products are specialists in marine Electronics solutions .
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