We focus on preventing personal injuries, work related illness and accidents, and the goal of zero injuries has become part of how we think and work, with a focus on continuous improvement. This is a part of our everyday quality standard and work-ethic. 

A good HSE- policy will provide a better welfare for our employees and hired personnel and create a good foundation for business results. GOT’s vision is zero injuries and we shall have a safe, healthy and good work environment.

Main topics in our HSE-policy 
All rules and regulations must be followed. Work activities must be risk-analyzed before start-up, and all unwanted incidents must be reported/registered. Everyone is responsible for keeping the workspace clean and tidy, and in general contribute to maintain order and tidiness in the plant area. «Look after yourself, your colleague and the surrounding environment». This mindset must be the foundation for all employees in GOT.  

We want all employees to understand our values and live by them:

We aim for a safe and healthy work environment without injuries - safety is a priority.

Our work environment is characterized by sharing information and knowledge with each other.  
We have an open and honest communication, with integrity and mutual respect.

We aim for high quality in all deliveries to our customers, being professional, service-minded and result-oriented.

We identify opportunities and search for new technological solutions with a forward thinking and bold mindset.


GOT is obliged to follow the transparency act, which goal is to obtain transparency and disclosure in Norwegian companies. All companies must, by this act, evaluate and take account of their due diligence of human right, the employees’ rights, environment and corruption.

Human rights:
GOT acknowledge the importance to respect and promote the human right in The Company. The company will through due diligent assessments identify risks and negative consequences related to human rights. This include ensuring that the employees’ and vendors are treated with respect and dignity, and that discrimination, forced labor and child labor doesn’t occur in The Company`s value chain.

GOT will ensure good work environment for the employees. The Company will conduct due diligence assessments to secure respect of the employees` rights to both national and international standards. This include the right to be organized, collective negotiations, decent salary, health and safety at work and equal opportunities and diversity.  

GOT acknowledge the importance of a sustainable operation and take responsibility to minimize their environmental impact. The Company will conduct due diligence assessments to identify environmental risks and to take measures to reduce them. This includes effective use of workforce, waste handling, reduce gas emissions and to protect natural resources.  

GOT is obliged to act in an ethical and transparent way and to prevent corruption in all its activities. The company will conduct due diligence assessments to identify areas of risk related to corruption, and has established measures to prevent, show and handle cases of corruption. This includes implementation of ethical rights, training of the employees and established routines for warning.  

The supply chain:
GOT will conduct mapping to assess real and possible negative consequences for the basic human right and decent work environment through the supply chain, with focus on the most important vendors for the operation. The mappings results will be evaluated, and possible measurers to stop, prevent or limit negative consequences must be followed up.    

GOT takes the role as a responsible company seriously and is continually working to improve its diligence within human right, employees’ rights, environment and corruption. The Company will ensure that it runs in a sustainable, ethical and social respectable way by thorough due diligence assessments and implementation of relevant measures.

Anne Marit Nilsen
+47 901 73 301

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