R&D and energy utilization

Delivery of high class technology equipment to GOT Skogsøy båt.
We strive to drive technology by developing highly efficient systems improving the overall energy efficiency.

Unique Norwegian oceanic competence

GOT Group is an Offshore/Marine technology group in southern part of Norway.
The GOT strategy is to develop a company based on technology and competency within the Energy- and Marine sector, focusing on entrepreneurship and culture by utilizing the existing expertise in the region.
We provide all design, engineering and documentation required to build ships, floating structures and platforms according to customer needs.
At GOT Rig Harbour Mandal we have modern workshop facilities, large storage areas, excellent logistics and short sailing distances from several Norwegian oil fields.
GOT also enables clean and profitable energy solutions, providing complete, world-class hydrogen, LNG and battery technologies.

GOT invests in ongoing and already developed technology and competency.

Aluminum production

Energy - engine - steering gear - control system
Digital control and remote monitoring system for all vessels

More about Global Ocean Technology

Inspection & Surveys

Impartial and independent evaluation of your equipment and systems.

Monohull Search and Rescue.

‍Built in Mandal at GOT Skogsøy Båt.

Spare parts supplies

Order directly from GOT Skogsøy.
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