Overhaul / maintenance of vessels

GOT Maritime Service
Maritime Service, Repair and maintenance on boats and boat engines.


GOT Maritime Service offers maritime Service, Repair and maintenance on boats and boat engines.

Structure/Welding – Hydraulic & Mechanic
We have several approved welders in all materials. Our service vehicles are also equipped with the necessary equipment for welding operations. We also perform alteration work, repairs and new construction of the plate and profile structure.

Servicecars along the coast
We have fully equipt and rigged service van for "adhook" Mission. This contains hydraulic, mechanical, piping, hydraulic etc.

Mandal quay
At our quay in Mandal we have the possibility to perform major repairs, service, new construction etc of your vessel.

GOT is approved by all Norwegian authority’s in approving work vessels up to 15m – this will increase safety at sea and value of your vessel.

Let us assist you in keeping track of all regulations at all times
Be ready for the next move – we are here to secure your seamless operation at all times.

More about Global Ocean Technology

Inspection & Surveys

Impartial and independent evaluation of your equipment and systems.

R&D and energy utilization

Delivery of high class technology equipment to GOT Skogsøy båt.

Monohull Search and Rescue.

‍Built in Mandal at GOT Skogsøy Båt.
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